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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Access and Operation

    Can I operate the Service whenever I wish?
    Yes, the Venue Service is a subscription and you can host as many karaoke sessions from your registered Venue as you wish during your subscription.
    Can I see statistics from my Karaoke Sessions?
    You can, log into your Admin Account and you can view session reports on how many singers per session, how many new singers, how many singers returned from a previous session to sing again, the number of tracks played and so on…
    Can you help me set up the VenueBox?
    Yes, we can install the VenueBox for you if you wish, an additional one-off installation cost may be required. Please contact us before subscribing if you have any questions or need any help. Speak to one of our team on 0333 600 8487, calls are charged at the standard rate.
    Do I have control over the Queued Tracks when a Karaoke Session is active?
    Yes, as an Admin User you will be able to add tracks, skip tracks, reorder tracks and also pause everything. You can do all of this from your own mobile device, simply by logging into your account.
    Do I need an Audio system and Display Screen?
    Yes, the VenueBox connects to your existing audio and visual equipment, to operate the Venue Service you will need:

    • Audio System

    • Display Screen(s)

    • Internet Connection

    • Microphones

    If you don’t have any of these, contact us for assistance on 0333 600 8487, calls are charged at the standard rate.
    Do I need to allow customers access to my internet?
    No, customers interact using their mobile devices and using their own data plans. The data usage to search and request tracks is minimal for your customers.
    Does the Service require a fast broadband speed to operate?
    No, the Service is completely fine running on a basic broadband speed.
    How does the VenueBox connect to my existing Audio system and Display Screens?
    The VenueBox connects to your Audio system via RCA, to your Display Screens via HDMI and to your internet via Ethernet. More details can be found on the Connect & Go page.
    I currently use a DJ to host our normal karaoke, can I still use a DJ with the Venue Service?
    Yes of course, whilst the Venue Service can be operated fully automatically and without the need of a DJ, you can still use a DJ, they can access as an Admin User and control the queue.
    My Venue has an Audio System and Display Screens, but we don’t have any Microphones?
    You can either purchase your own microphones to use, or you can order microphones from our store within your Account Section.
    What happens if I have a problem at any point?
    The service is fully supported 7 days a week, the Support contact details can be found within Your Account section and we are always here to help and to also answer any queries you may have.
    Will I need to download any apps?
    No, you or your customers will not need to download anything, the Service is accessible from any internet enabled device, such as a smartphone.
    Will my customers find it easy to interact with?
    They will find it very easy! Instructions display on screen and within seconds they are able to search and select tracks to sing. It’s great being able to search and request without having to pass books around or fill in bits of paper.

    Karaoke Tracks

    Are Tracks Licensed?
    Yes, we hold Licensing Agreements with bodies including PRS for Music. These bodies distribute royalties back to the copyright owners of the original music, such as the Artists, Writers and Publishers.
    Can I suggest a Track?
    Yes, we would love to hear any Track suggestions you may have. We work closely with track manufacturers and periodically discuss Track choice with each of them.
    How do I sign up?
    Go to the Subscription Page and choose a subscription that suits you, you can subscribe online today or alternatively Contact Us and subscribe over the phone if you prefer.
    How many Tracks are available to sing?
    Thousands and thousands and thousands. The volume of tracks available is continuously growing as we are always adding new tracks.
    How often are new Tracks added?
    All of the time. We are committed to the continuous growth of Karaoke songs, as new tracks are added they automatically become available to you, updates happen automatically and are all included within your subscription fee.
    What is the quality of the Karaoke Tracks like?
    The Tracks are of the very highest quality as they are from the UKs leading karaoke track brands, currently these include:

    • Sing to the World®

    • Zoom®

    • Track Factory®

    Subscriptions and Payments

    How do I cancel a Subscription?
    You can prevent your Subscription from renewing at anytime. Upon cancelling you will need to return your Equipment back to us within 10 working days following the end of your Subscription minimum term. Full details on returning equipment can be read within the Terms of Use.
    How do I receive payment receipts?
    All receipts can be found within Your Account section. Receipts are generated automatically following each payment.
    How do the Subscription payments work?
    Our secure payment providers take the recurring Card Payment automatically every month. When you subscribe, you enter your details, the details of the Venue and Payment Details. You can also change your Payment Details within Your Account after you have subscribed. We can also offer alternative methods of payment, please contact us on 0333 600 8487 for details.
    How does the Money Back Guarantee work?
    We offer a Money Back Guarantee on Subscriptions, if you are not happy with the Service within 30 days after receiving the VenueBox, we will return your money upon receiving the VenueBox back from you.

    Please note that the Money Back Guarantee does not apply to previous subscribers, full details can be found on our Terms and Conditions section.
    How quickly can I be up and running with the Service?
    As quickly as you wish! We ship the VenueBox bundle to you the same day we process your subscription and if you are happy connecting the VenueBox to your equipment yourself, you can be active the day you receive the box.

    Any questions?

    Speak with one of the team.

    0333 600 8487

    Enquiries & Sales Line Open

    Mon - Fri, 9am - 5pm

    Already a Subscriber and looking for Support?

    Log into your Account where you will find further details and access to 24/7 support.

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