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    Referral Programme

    Introduce the Venue Service to venues, and earn ongoing monthly commission!

    • Free to join Referral Programme!
    • Earn up to 35% ongoing commission.
    • No limitations to commission earnings.
    • Training and Support included.
    Venue Referral Programme

    From home, in your own time

    Whether you prefer to be sitting at home communicating via online, social and phone, or out and about seeing venues face-to-face, simply contact a venue and tell them about the benefits of the Venue Service and how they can subscribe.

    Once a venue you have contacted subscribes, you will earn commission every month the venue remains a subscriber.

    Venue Referral Programme

    What is the Venue Service?

    Karaoke.co.uk Venue Service is the most modern, most fun and most cost-effective karaoke service available for venues in the UK!

    Any venue can operate karaoke whenever they wish with a simple to use and fully automated online karaoke service.

    We’ll walk you through how it works and the benefits to the service, so you will be able to easily introduce new venues to the service.

    Venue Referral Programme
    Venue Referral Programme


    Earn up to 35% commission from each subscription, every month, ongoing!

    Commission is paid to you directly every month and there’s no minimum payout amount!

    Commission examples

    Chloe introduced 4 venues and is earning
    £39 every month (£475 a year)

    Marcus introduced 21 venues and is earning
    £396 every month (£4,752 a year)

    Laura introduced 52 venues and is earning
    £1,316 every month (£15,800 a year)

    Simple and quick to get started

    1. Complete the Registration Form.
    2. We’ll talk you through how you can introduce the service to venues.
    3. Start contacting venues in your own time and introduce the Venue Service to them.
    4. When a venue subscribes, we begin paying you commission and we keep paying you ongoing commission every month that a venue remains a subscriber.
    Venue Referral Programme

    Quick questions…

    Does it cost anything to join the Referral Programme?

    There are NO sign up fees to join the Referral Programme. Once you are registered you can begin introducing the service to venues straight away!

    Can I do this in my own time, such as after work, or weekends?

    Absolutely, how you choose when and how you contact venues and introduce the service to them is up to you.

    Do I need to be ‘technically minded’?

    No, but you do need to understand how the service works and the benefits to a venue. We will walk you through this. Once you have introduced a venue. we’ll deal with any technicalities.

    Full support and training provided. If you have any initial questions about the Referral Programme,
    let us know, we are here for you: Email Support

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