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    Fabulous Features

    All included with your Subscription.

    Karaoke Tracks

    Offer your singing customers the choice from thousands and thousands of on demand karaoke songs, all from the leading karaoke manufacturers including Sing to the World®, Zoom® and Track Factory®. New tracks are continuously added all of the time.

    Easy to install

    Included within your subscription is the Venue Box which is easily connected to your existing Audio and Visual equipment. The bundle includes cables and also a digital marketing pack, so you can advertise and promote your karaoke sessions on your social media accounts and website.

    No Apps

    There are no space-wasting apps or anything else to download, your customers join in by simply signing in from their own smartphone, it is that easy. They will be able to browse the entire catalogue and request a song to sing.

    Background music

    Background music can be set to automatically play, so there will never be a quiet moment. The background music cycles through tracks, so you can turn it on and not have to worry about it.

    Show your own Ads

    As your customers will be looking at the screens, it’s also a good opportunity to promote upcoming events or special offers. Simply upload your advert images to show in between tracks. All included within your subscription fee.

    Fully licensed

    We hold Licence Agreements with the relevant bodies including PRS for Music, who ensure that the writers, artists and publishers receive copyright royalties. Peace of mind that you are operating a certified and licensed service.

    Sign up today - and start hosting

    For just

    £99 per month


    * Terms and Conditions apply.

    UK Service & Support

    Karaoke.co.uk is a service fully built and supported right here in the United Kingdom. We can offer ‘on the ground’ support too, be this a site visit to you or fielding any enquiries you may have, either way you will be dealing with us direct.

    No limits

    There are no limits to how many times you activate karaoke sessions. You can run it anytime, bank holidays, evenings, daytimes, even Christmas Day. So even if you want to have an impromptu karaoke, you can!

    Manages itself

    Turn it on and let the service happily manage itself. It receives song requests from customers, automatically queueing and playing karaoke songs and prompting singers to the microphone.

    Even more for control freaks

    Configure Settings

    Manage all of the features from within your Account Login.

    Control the Service

    You can manage a Karaoke Session if you wish, with controls to delete, move or add tracks to the queue.

    Your Brand

    Show your venue logo on the display screens. All included within the Subscription fee!

    View Reports

    See who is coming back to sing each time, how many new singers, how many tracks per session…


    You will be able to speak with us direct if you need any help or guidance.

    Your Account

    Manage your Subscription and Account details from within your Account Login.

    How it works

    Easy to adopt. Easy to run. You and your customers will love it.



    • Full Anytime Access
    • Venue Box Bundle
    • Digital Marketing Pack
    • Full Support
    • Constant Updates & New Tracks included


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